Digital transformation importance in Business

by in Digital Marketing

Digital transformation in businesses have brought a number of opportunities for advance changes across all industries.  From retail to life sciences, from pharmaceuticals to banking, we see a complete change of products, services, and experiences that are delivered to the market. In the coming time, businesses should use digital transformation channels to engage with their […]

What is DAO?

by in Digital Marketing

A decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) is a software that runs on a blockchain and it offers people a model for the collective management of its code. DAOs are different from rest organisations manage by boards and executives. It is governed by a limited group. DAOs uses rules written down in code and enforced by the […]

What is SEO

by in Digital Marketing, SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valid digital marketing practice that leads to traffic to a website. The main aim of SEO is to get high-quality traffic, and to do that, and you need to concentrate on tasks that include on-page SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building, and content creation. […]

NFT and the Metaverse.

by in Blockchain, NFT

The metaverse is a proposed Internet iteration that would allow users to access persistent online 3-D virtual environments using both standard computers and virtual and augmented reality headgear. Virtual world platforms like Second Life have already included aspects of the NFT and Metaverse. Integration of virtual and physical locations, as well as virtual economies, is […]

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