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In the year 2014, Google rolled out Pigeon Algorithm. This update was intended to provide relevant, useful and accurate local search results. This algorithm is basically an improvement of distance and location ranking parameters from Google. Hence Local SEO is of vital importance for small and companies having multiple office locations. Broadly as per the algorithm, the result that will be displayed follows the strategy of “The nearer from the search location, the better the results in SERP”. Even though this is a broad criterion for showing up results over SERP, but still you need to do Local SEO for outranking your business competitors. As you walk through this article, you will get deep insight into SEO Strategies and how you can utilize it to get maximum benefits. One thing is to be kept in mind here that this strategy is way too different for standard SEO.

Materializing Local SEO for business benefits

As per the official statistics rolled out by Google, 46% of the people searching for a something over this search engines have a local search intent. The statistics itself reveals that you can increase your numbers to a massive extent by targeting customers locally. Hence availing local SEO services is a need of time and has proven to turn out a lot for business owners. Taking the help of a Local SEO Consultant can vary your ROI a lot. The best part is that local SEO packages are not that hefty on the pockets of business owners. Even if you go for a local SEO company, the charges are very affordable, and you can materialize this opportunity for business benefits.

How to outrank your competitors in local search results


Now that you know that the benefits of Local SEO, lets deep dive into the concepts that will help you outrank your competitors in local search results.

There are three essential elements that is needed to be taken care of to succeed in the competitors.

Proximity: This implies how close your business is from the person searching for it.

Relevance: Relevancy of the search query by a user in regards to your products and services.

Prominence: Consumer’s feedback related to your products and services.

Google local SEO services

Outranking your competitors in SEO for local business is not that easy as it appears. Google, with the intent to provide the best result to user queries, keeps on updating the internal algorithms. Hence local SEO agencies/companies leave no stone unturned. Local SEO experts from these companies keep on reiterating the strategies to get on top pages in search engine results. Below mentioned are some of the key techniques that experts follow to be on top.

Localization of a website

The first technique, followed by an expert is website localization. This included adding your city, county or region name on your website. For businesses running on multiple locations, the process of localization includes the creation of separate pages or Content Hubs for each location. Additionally, the experts go for local community events and featuring articles and information about their sites.


This is basically featuring your website of different citation sites and business directories. This will help the customer find your business easily and side wise featuring your NAPW i.e. company’s name, address, phone number and website on citation sites will help to improve ranking on SERP.

GMB (Google My Business) listing

Google My Business page is a key step towards getting your business displayed on Google services, like local search results and Google Maps. Claiming your GMB listing is the first and the foremost step towards claiming your ownership of a business.

Reviews and Ratings

Honest and Genuine reviews have a marked effect on business SEO.  This does not only showcase the quality of your service to the users. Also sends signals to search engines that the particular site and service are trustworthy and useful. The number of good reviews is one of the primary factors for getting on the top page of search engines.

Relevant and Quality Backlinks

Backlinks from reputed sites (one having high DA and PA) has a marked impact on the raking and reputation of a site online. A backlink from a trusted source of information boosts the prominence aspect of a search engine algorithm.

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