All You Need to Know about Pay Per Click- Paid Advertisement

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Pay per click

All You Need to Know about Pay Per Click- Paid Advertisement

Pay per click is a popular digital advertising strategy adopted by many online marketers to sell their products, earn subscriptions, and online registrations for services. In pay per click, the advertiser is charged a certain amount of money whenever a website visitor clicks on their adverts.

How it works

The search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc all have their pay per click models. The cost, budgets, and performance vary based on the search volume on each keyword. Take a look at this, whenever a visitor clicks your advert, you will be charged by the search engine. The rates are generally trivial because the actions taken on the website are usually more valuable than the amount advertiser pays for the click. For instance, an advertiser may spend $5 for a click which redirects the visitor to buy a product of $300. The gain is simply massive.

Visitors are usually redirected to advertiser’s website upon clicking the advert. Advertisers that adopt the pay per click model are focused on the action of the users such as online survey, registration for subscription, online purchase of products, and registration for newsletters. The cost per click advertising model has been embraced by many online advertisers and marketers since they only pay for the action taken by visitors. In this case, the cost is directly proportional to the performance. This is in contrast to other forms of advertisements where the advertisers are charged whenever their adverts are seen by visitors.

The pay per click advertising is effective in all kind of business. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of pay per click advertising

Benefits of pay per click advertisement model

1. Advertisers pay for actions taken on their ads. In other advertisement models, the advertisers are charged for displaying their ads. They are not guaranteed of their results. In pay per click, the advertisers are only charged a fee when their ads are clicked.

2 Pay per click advertisers is provided with much important information about the performances of their ads. They get to see the number of impressions, the click-through rates (CTR), and the number of viewers. They are shown important optimization data which enables them to know the performances of the ads.

3. The advertisers are in charge of their budgets, where, and how their ads should be displayed. The advertisers are in full control. They can set daily budgets and how much they are to pay for each click.

4. The search engines have adopted the segmentation strategy, and it allows the ads to be displayed to the right visitors. Ads delivered to the targeted audience are most likely to be clicked since they are of interest to the visitors. This has reduced the number of wasted clicks.

5. The pay per click gives advertisers the liberty to choose the websites where their ads will be displayed. With this, advertisers can ensure that their ads are shown on websites with high traffic.

The emergence of the pay per click advertising is a big revolution and a great milestone for the search engines. Currently, the pay per click model is the most used ads campaign. The advertisers have since waved goodbye to an era where they shot blindly without any guarantee of improved results.

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